Social Media Playbook: #WeAreBlueDiamond Every member has a story to tell. Social media is changing the way we communicate and connects us with a global audience. Blue Diamond plans to use a variety of social media platforms to give our growers a voice and tell the story of the cooperative positively. The campaign, #WeAreBlueDiamond, kicked off in January 2019. Many people are interested in the deeper story of Blue Diamond . By posting and contributing to social media, each Blue Diamond grower can share their own stories and can help increase awareness and interest in our brand and products. When growers participate in social media with photos, short videos, links, and posts, the quality and sustainability of Blue Diamond become a much more interesting story. Being viral is a good thing! You, or anyone in your family who wants to be active on social media, should participate in this campaign. We’re starting the campaign off with a focus on Facebook and Instagram, but you are welcome to share on other social media outlets as well. You can post just about anything to help further the interest and understanding of being a Blue Diamond grower. Themes to consider: • Bloom and Harvest – two of the most captivating times of the year. • Sustainability – a great way to discuss topics such as bees and water. • Quality – the quality of the product is unmatched. • Product and Family – fun ways to show how Blue Diamond products are used in your home. • Community – it’s all about food, friendship, and support of one another. It’s time for you to get connected and when you do, use the hashtag #WeAreBlueDiamond. By consistently adding it to posts, you are helping to tie all our grower social activity together and create a strong, unified message. Most importantly: #HaveFun For more information about the #WeAreBlueDiamond social media campaign and playbook, contact Ben Goudie at bgoudie @ bdgrowers.com or (209) 545-6225. We know every member has a unique story to tell,” said Ben Goudie, Blue Diamond’s membership development manager. “The new social campaign will provide an opportunity for the world to learn more about Blue Diamond as a grower-owned cooperative and drive excitement about the brand. 11 J A N U A R Y – F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 9