Blue Diamond Fun Art Day Workshop Paints a Healthy Message about its Almond Breeze Almondmilk Brand Blue Diamond Growers spread the message about the natural goodness of its Almond Breeze range with an interactive “Fun Art Day Workshop” in Thailand. During the creative workshop, the origins of almonds are explored with an art session where media attendees and guests are invited to paint almond trees on their own easels. With paper and paints set up in the art- studio-bar concept space, the session is a way of appreciating the natural ingredients in the Almond Breeze almondmilk range made from the finest quality California almonds and manufactured in Thailand under the Heritage Group. Bloom was the inspiration for our Fun Art Day Workshop. International Business Development Manager for Blue Diamond , Nitin Batra, opened the workshop with a welcome speech highlighting what the Almond Breeze Fun Art Day Workshop is all about. “Leading a healthy lifestyle is an expression of who you are more and more people are embracing a creative and positive attitude to life and want to add wonderful natural ingredients such as California almonds, which go into creating Almond Breeze into their daily diets.” Brand Ambassador for Blue Diamond Almond Breeze , Thai actress and model, Matcha Mosimann also joined in the afternoon event, talking about her tips on how she keeps fit and stays healthy; as she encourages others to do the same. Renowned Thai Health and fitness blogger, Jessica Cuny served up a secret Almond Breeze drink recipe during the workshop. Her concoction shows the versatility of the delicious, lactose-free, zero cholesterol Almond Breeze beverage that is packed with nutrients and vitamins. The event was featured on a number of media outlets, including an evening TV news slot on Channel 3 Thailand. 1 7 J A N U A R Y – F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 9