PRESORT STANDARD U.S. POSTAGE PAID SACRAMENTO, CA PERMIT NO. 694 BLUE DIAMOND GROWERS 1802 C Street Sacramento, CA 95811 “This almond orchard on Krymsk®86 rootstock is just entering its second leaf and I still can’t believe the girth on these trees! With Krymsk®86 I’ve noticed faster growth, no leaning problems, withstands winds, and I get better yields earlier. I now have planted over 900 acres of Sierra Gold Trees. Frommy Field Representative, the office staff, and the Nursery owners, I get nothing but excellent service” Bertagna Orchards, Inc. Chico, CA Contact your Sierra Gold Field Representative today ! Berton Bertagna 1-800-243-4653 sierragoldtrees.com Blue Diamond Growers does not endorse or verify statements made by advertisers within this publication.