NEWS IN A NUTSHELL Meet Your Newest Regional Manager, Tim Sanchez Let’s give a warm Blue Diamond welcome to your newest Regional Manager, Tim Sanchez. Almond Facts caught up with him to learn a little more about who he is and what he brings to the cooperative. Almond Facts (AF): Tell our readers a little about yourself. Tim Sanchez (TS): Growing up in California’s Central Valley, agriculture has always been part of my life. I graduated from Chico State with a degree in Agriculture Business. I also managed various permanent crops in both the Central and Northern regions of the state, including almonds. AF: What attracted you to Blue Diamond? TS: Blue Diamond is the almond industry leader and one of the leading agriculture cooperatives. Having an opportunity to be part of the team is one I couldn’t pass up! AF: What made you want to become a Regional Manager? TS: I believe the success of any company increases by building strong relationships. I am excited to work with the grower-owners in my district to strengthen their bond with the co-op and keep it financially strong. AF: Have you always been interested in agriculture? TS: Yes! Farming has been part of my life since I was child. I grew up in a farming family and was driving tractors, irrigating, and helping with harvest as early as age 10. I pursued my interest with an ag degree and, since college graduation, been continuously employed in the industry. AF: What do you do in your free time? TS: I enjoy working outside, traveling, and working out. AF: What are you looking forward to the most as you begin your career as a field supervisor? TS: I look forward to meeting and building strong relationships with the grower-owners. AF: Do you have a favorite Blue Diamond product? TS: My all-time favorite Blue Diamond product are Smokehouse almonds. But recently, I have been indulging in the Sweet Thai Chili bold flavor. 1 4 A L M O N D F A C T S