New Almonds & Fruit Elevates Snacking With unique and delicious flavor combinations, Blue Diamond expanded its snack almonds portfolio with the launch of Almonds & Fruit , a distinctive take on traditional trail mix. Almonds & Fruit follows closely on the launch of last year’s Crafted line, featuring Gourmet Almonds . The cooperative is continuing to indulge the insatiable snack food trend with Almonds & Fruit , which serves as an everyday snacking option. From classic flavor combinations like Sea Salt and Whole Blueberry or Dark Chocolate and Toasted Coconut, to trending favorites like Sweet Cardamom and Honeycrisp Apple or Fiery Ghost Pepper and Tart Cherry, each pairing in this latest lineup harmonizes Blue Diamond’s quality almonds with gourmet fruits for compelling flavors certain to entertain even the most discriminating palates. “We created Almonds & Fruit in response to a growing demand for premium snacks that offer both unparalleled quality and flavor,” said Michael Burdeny, Global Head of Marketing at Blue Diamond . “We took time to consciously source real, whole fruit pieces and we pair them with our almonds, creating a product that is uncompromising in taste and quality. With this launch, Blue Diamond continues to transform snacking from the routine or mundane to celebrated moments.” Our ability to innovate is leading us to create new and exciting snacking solutions that are simple and delicious, without sacrificing quality or nutrition. With Blue Diamond’s line of gourmet snacks in hand, consumers can effortlessly elevate snack time day in and day out. CORNERING THE MARKET Blue Diamond continues to transform snacking from the routine to celebrated moments. 2 8 A L M O N D F A C T S