CORNERING THE MARKET Drink Up Without Any Worries This summer Almond Breeze ® South Korea is offering consumers in the country simple ways to bring balance to a busy lifestyle. The campaign Fill in Your Balance, Drink Up Without Any Worries – Almond Breeze ® launched online in early June with digital ads appearing on social media and e-commerce web sites. Up and coming South Korean actor Ahn Bo Hynn is featured as spokesperson in the three 15-second videos that target primarily females aged 20 to 40 and males aged 20 to 30. This targeted campaign was created to incorporate the brand’s appreciation for busy modern-day men and women who enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle by drinking Almond Breeze ® . South Korea is a key market for Almond Breeze ® , where consumers are health conscious and almonds are an important part of the diet. Since the launch of Almond Breeze ® , it has proven to be attractive to Korean consumers, increasing number of households, singles and families have been choosing and incorporating it in their diets with creative recipes and enjoying simply as a drink. 2 2 A L M O N D F A C T S