Almonds in Sacramento As the farm to fork capital, the Sacramento region has thrived as an agricultural hub for more than a century. To showcase the innovative uses of almonds, the Almond Board of California hosted a food trends tour of Sacramento, focusing heavily on food manufacturers and product developers to explore some of the most inspirational and unique ways they are using California almonds to make their creations stand out. The group visited a local almond orchard to learn about the almond lifecycle and the many considerations growers take into account to produce almonds in a sustainable and safe way. Throughout Sacramento, the group had conversations with suppliers, including Blue Diamond , about how versatility, conduciveness to flavor exploration, opportunities for premiumization and supply chain sustainability all play a role in choosing almonds as an ingredient. Food Navigator, one of the seven trade media who attended the tour, featured Blue Diamond ’s new Spicy Dill Pickle and Almond Protein Powder in their picture spread, “New Directions for Almonds.” Blue Diamond Growers does not endorse or verify statements made by advertisers within this publication. 11 M A R C H – A P R I L 2 0 2 0