Blue Diamond Almond Facts March-April 2021

CORNERING THE MARKET Blue Diamond ® Turns Up the Heat with Its New Line of XTREMES™ Almonds Blue Diamond ’s Innovation and R&D team has successfully turned up the heat with a recent launch of the brand’s first dedicated line of extra spicy almonds — Blue Diamond XTREMES™. Available in three super-hot flavors — Cayenne Pepper (Hot), Ghost Pepper (Hotter) and Carolina Reaper (Hottest) — these new almonds are made with real peppers and have a spicy flavor rush that takes snacking to the next level. This new flavor family is geared toward a younger snacking demographic as on-trend spicy foods tend to attract Millennial and Gen Z audiences. Feedback coming in already through Blue Diamond social media and consumer inquiry platforms show the new level of spiciness is a tasty hit with consumers. Blue Diamond XTREMES™ have the legendary, satisfying almond crunch with a mouth-blazing, fiery flavor rush, all on a superfood. A serving of XTREMES™ has 6g plant protein per serving and are an excellent source of antioxidant Vitamin E and a good source of magnesium. Blue Diamond XTREMES™ almonds are available now at Blue Diamond Nut & Gift shop locations and through Amazon and are beginning to roll out at grocery and convenience stores nationwide. 1 8 A L M O N D F A C T S