Co-op Celebrates Founders Day, 110-year Anniversary Blue Diamond Growers celebrated its 110-year anniversary and recognized May 6 as Founders Day. The vision of the co-op’s founders and the subsequent contributions by its dedicated growers, employees and partners around the world have made Blue Diamond into a global branded food growth leader. Founded by a handful of California almond growers on May 6, 1910, Blue Diamond was originally known as the California Almond Growers Exchange. The grower- owned cooperative quickly grew into the world leader in growing, processing and marketing almonds and almond ingredients. In 1914, the Exchange opened a new receiving and packaging plant in Sacramento, California, that eventually became the largest almond processing plant in the world. Today, the Sacramento plant sits on 90 acres, covering 33 city blocks and serves at the cooperative’s headquarters. In 1915, the co-op adopted the symbol of a blue diamond — the finest grade of diamond in the world — to signify its commitment to quality and in 1980, the cooperative’s name was officially changed to Blue Diamond Growers . This Founders Day recognition is the first of what will be an annual celebration of Blue Diamond ’s important connection to our founding growers and the unique responsibility of being a cooperative. TGS IS IN THE ZONE 1-800-288-8128 • Better Root Zone Management from Better Water Penetration With The Schmeiser Orchard Max Aerator Patented Smart-Till tines fracture and open the soil 8” deep with little soil disturbance. Breaks hardened soil for longer irrigation sets and less ponding in the row middles. Delivering water and soil amendments directly to the root zone for Max results. • Maximizes water penetration • Increase irrigation runs • Incorporate soil ammendments • Reduces soil compaction • Fast at 6-8 mph reducing cost/acre Call your dealer for a demo or see the video in action at 15 M A Y – J U N E 2 0 2 0