CORNERING THE MARKET Almond Breeze® Expands in Australia, New Look in Spain In April, Blue Diamond launched a new protein fortified Almond Breeze ® product in Australia. The product launched in Woolworths — Australia’s largest retailer — and is available across Woolworths’ stores and e-commerce website. The unsweetened product contains five grams of protein per 250ml serving, which is three and a half times the protein content of regular Unsweetened Almond Breeze ® in Australia. The product is formulated with a blend of Blue Diamond ’s almond protein powder, as well as pea protein. The target audience is similar to Blue Diamond ’s core Almond Breeze ® portfolio; females aged 20 to 45 who are aware of the benefits of protein for maintaining optimal health, and actively seek dairy alternatives that contain protein benefits. This launch represents the first protein fortified product in the almond milk segment in Australia and is highly relevant in addressing consumer demand for functional foods that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. The product also features a new design that will be rolled out across the Almond Breeze ® portfolio in Australia. Additionally, in Spain Blue Diamond recently rolled out a new packaging design for Almond Breeze ® products to increase appeal and relevancy to Spanish consumers. The new design features a fresh and contemporary look and feel, allowing the brand to stand out from competitors on shelves. The design elements, such as the almond image, on the front and center of the pack reinforces Blue Diamond ’s commitment to quality and highlight that almonds are at the very core of what we do. The design format first rolled out in the United Kingdom in last year and was the result of comprehensive consumer research that included an eye-tracking study which guided the final design. The research showed that customers really love the fact that Blue Diamond is a co-op of almond growers. This is emphasized on the packs with an engaging visual story that highlights our 110-year history of growing almonds. The new design will be featured on Almond Breeze ® Original, Zero, and Cappuccino packs in Spain. 2 2 A L M O N D F A C T S