Mark Jansen President & CEO PRESIDENT’S CORNER Everyday Heroes Growing up, I had the good fortune of knowing my parents were proud of my accomplishments, no matter how large or small. Their support was a powerful influence in my life. Every year, I hope it’s obvious how proud I am of you, our 3,000 farm families and also our 1,800 dedicated team members. Therefore it’s only appropriate that this year’s annual meeting theme is Blue Diamond Proud. At the meeting, attendees heard from several groups of Blue Diamond team members that represent multiple roles and all three locations. Their stories and heroism will give us many reasons that we should all be proud. How does one become a hero ? By performing small acts of quality. And a small act can be as important as a large act. Many of you are familiar with the parable of The Widow’s Two Mites. As a reminder, this very poor woman gave an offering of two small copper coins, which equaled a penny. Yet, even as others contributed large sums of money, her gift was the greatest! You cannot give more than all you have. That’s why it is an act of quality. And acts of quality have a tendency to spread. Our team member recognition program is called Blue Diamond Proud. Since its inception 18 months ago, team members have recognized extraordinary acts by their co-workers 2,000 times. There are four levels of awards and the very highest is the President’s Award. As you may have guessed by the name, this award is given by me. Last year, for advancements in product innovation, creating millions in cost savings, and for heroism in the Sacramento fire and its subsequent recovery, I gave a President’s Award and a reward check to 12 employees. Each year, our growers, entrust us with your year’s work in the form of the almond crop. And it is our mission to maximize your short and long term returns. We have 20 years of good records tracking the return performance of Blue Diamond versus other almond handlers. During this time Blue Diamond has not only been the safest and most trusted source, but it has also been the best. From the millennial in 2000 to our own Centennial in 2010, Blue Diamond beat the competition by an average of $.01 per pound. And more importantly, unlike every other competitor, Blue Diamond never had that really bad year. Consistency is an act of quality. You will remember, I started the goal of achieving a $.10 a pound advantage. For your 2018 crop, once again, we delivered. We beat all competitors! And we did so with an amazing $.145 average! Most importantly, we continued to establish the expectation that we are consistently the best. And Blue Diamond Proud! By choice, Blue Diamond is a growth business. Not only is it more fun to grow a business, but it is also the best way to serve growers, team members, and customers. You will recall that our pace of growth, for several years, has made us unique amongst food companies. We are proud that this year, based on volume growth, revenue growth, and market share growth, Blue Diamond was named the fastest-growing middle or large-sized food company. While we were excited to be recognized as the U.S. growth leader, lesser-known is that our Blue Diamond global branded sales also exceeded our plans, growing three times 6 A L M O N D F A C T S