Mark Jansen President & CEO PRESIDENT’S CORNER 2018 Final Crop Return “I loved to compete and win. I never wanted the other guy to do badly; I just wanted to do a little better than he did.” — T. Boone Pickens T. Boone Pickens, a well-known business magnate, lived his life with a passion for entrepreneurship and a love for America. He passed away on September 11, 2019, but shared his final thoughts in a farewell message inspired by life lessons and key principles for achieving success. Pickens understood the importance of competition and how it inspires us to raise our performance. Blue Diamond ’s success is possible because we continue to think innovatively. We play to win as a core value just like Pickens did. We are once again proud of Blue Diamond ’s crop return versus others in the industry. Blue Diamond remains competitive and diligent in our efforts to increase the value for our almonds and maximize grower returns. In addition to our published return, you must add the value of both the Volume Premium and the Domestic Production Activity Deduction (DPAD) to your overall return. These factors alone can add several more cents to your bottom line. See the final value of the 2018 crop below for a deeper understanding of this successful year. Variety Overall Average Average of High Quality Maximum Possible Nonpareil & Sonora Inshell $2.79 $2.82 $2.84 Nonpareil/Supareil Meats $2.65 $2.68 $2.72 Independence Inshell $2.62 $2.64 $2.65 Sonora Meats $2.54 $2.58 $2.61 Independence Meats $2.44 $2.46 $2.48 Carmel $2.49 $2.51 $2.53 Monterey $2.39 $2.41 $2.44 California/Price/Fritz/Wood Colony $2.40 $2.42 $2.44 Butte/Padre $2.40 $2.42 $2.44 Mission/Neplus $2.30 $2.32 $2.35 Mixed $2.07 - $2.10 Peerless Inshell $0.92 - $0.94 Note: The above rates do not include Volume Premiums, Domestic Production Activities Deduction (DPAD) or IC-DISC advantages. 6 A L M O N D F A C T S